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Staff Recommendations for Coaching Support



Outreach Coordinators may use this form to recommend a group for one-on-one support through the Community Coaching program. Groups can be recommended on a rolling basis.

Before submitting a recommendation, please speak with your group to confirm their interest in and availability for coaching. Please also check with other staff before listing them as additional referrers on the recommendation.

The Community Coaching program offers two types of support:

  1. The Coaching program is a form of intensive one-on-one support led by the Community Coaching Manager. Groups agree to participate in monthly coaching sessions (minimum 2 hours per month) for at least six months and can receive up to one year of support.

  2. Consultations can take various forms depending on the group’s capacity and goals. They may range from one-time phone calls to episodic check-ins. Consultations are great opportunities for our community partners to receive support outside of full participation in the coaching program. They can be used to jump start a group’s development process or to help group through a specific issue or transition.

Once recommended, the type of support the group will receive will depend on the information provided below and subsequent conversations with staff. Outreach Coordinators will be contacted before any group starts to receive Community Coaching support. Groups can be recommended on a rolling basis. A wait list will be maintained for all groups recommended and groups will be selected to receive support as program capacity allows.


  • Active Community Partners (local park groups that are currently supported by their Outreach Coordinator and typically host IMP projects and/or utilize TA resources) in all stages of development are eligible to receive coaching support.  
  • Recommended groups must be listed in Salesforce as a community partner and active, peer or episodic partners are not eligible.
  • Groups must be referred by their Outreach Coordinator.
  • The group should be interested in receiving coaching and show a demonstrated commitment to PfP’s mission and building their group’s capacity. 
  • We strongly encourage that groups receiving coaching consist of at least 2 dedicated members. Exceptions will be for groups with one core member, with the understanding that growing membership will be the first priority of coaching. 
  • Priority will be given to groups with recommendations supported by multiple staff members. 

Recommended by:

Additional Referrers: 

Outside of Outreach Program

Outside of Outreach Program

Outside of Outreach Program

Outside of Outreach Program

The Group:

Please list all parks or neighborhoods where group is working.
Recommendation Type:

In which of the following areas do you recommend the park group receive coaching? You can choose up to two areas only
  • Group Structure: Assistance with establishing a group vision, mission, and internal processes, such as choosing leadership and decision making.
  • Growing your Group: Assistance with recruiting dedicated members for the long-term sustainability of the group.
  • Volunteer Recruitment & Management: Assistance with recruiting and managing episodic volunteers for park groups, i.e. events.
  • Event Planning: Assistance with planning & designing activities and events to involve the community, new members, and create a visible, active group. These should be events beyond IMP & Community Visioning events.
  • Non-profit Incorporation and Obtaining 501(c)(3) Status: Guidance on the advantages & disadvantages of incorporation & 501(c)(3) status & assistance with creating the supplemental materials needed for these processes. PfP cannot provide legal advice but can connect groups to other resources if they choose to proceed with incorporation.
  • Fundraising: Assistance with establishing fundraising goals, plans, and finding funding sources.
  • Communications Planning: Assistance with establishing a strategy for sharing your group’s work internally and externally, including weighing communications options, creating a schedule, building distribution lists, and increasing group publicity.
  • Relationship Building and Outreach: Assistance with approaching key community organizations, agencies (including NYC Parks and community boards), assessing potential partners, coming up with your "ask," and building mutually beneficial partnerships.
Note: Goal-setting, measuring success, and creating action plans will be a part of the assistance groups receive in any of the categories below. 

About the Group:

Please consider the group's goals, time availability, and active periods when answering the questions below.

The Coaching program lasts from 6-12 months. Consultation projects have varied time commitments.

Groups that enter the Coaching program will need to commit to 2 hours of coaching sessions per month. Consultation projects have varied time commitments.

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