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CityParks Green Girls

CityParks Learn Green Girls program will pause after the Spring 2024 season to enhance and better meet the needs of young New Yorkers. For more than two decades, this free program has offered NYC communities the opportunity to use their local parks as outdoor classrooms as well as help create positive change within their environment.  During this time, we will work to further evolve our program and look at new ways to continue inspiring and nurturing the next generation of environmental stewards.

Bring Green Girls to Your Community

We’re thrilled to announce that our CityParks Green Girls is now available, free of charge, for educators nationwide. The curriculum, launched in Spring 2021 to a pilot group and now for use by educators nationwide, features the award-winning Green Girls STEM curriculum. 



CityParks Green Girls Wins Inaugural National Summer Learning Association Climate Change Award

City Parks Foundation’s CityParks Green Girls program was named as the winner of the Inaugural Climate Change Learning Award for National Summer Learning Association’s (NSLA) 2020 Summer Learning Awards season. City Parks Foundation is one of four exemplary summer programs recognized for improving outcomes for children and youth and honored as models for the nation.

Read more in our press announcement here.

Generous private support for CityParks Green Girls is provided by The Carroll and Milton Petrie Foundation, Glenn W. Bailey Foundation, The Linda B. and Howard S. Stern Family Foundation, the Lily Auchincloss Foundation, Rose M. Badgeley Charitable Trust, the Catskill Watershed Corporation in partnership with New York City Department of Environmental Protection, and the Watershed Agricultural Council. Public support is provided by the NYC Council under the leadership of Speaker Adrienne Adams, with special thanks to Council Member Alexa Avilés and Tiffany Cabán. Supporting Sponsor: The Walt Disney Company. In partnership with NYC Parks.

Get updates on our free environmental education programs in your park

Get updates on our free environmental education programs in your park



At City Parks Foundation, our mission is to encourage New Yorkers to use their neighborhood parks by offering free environmental education, arts, sports, and community-building programs that bring people into their local green spaces. Please give now if you can—we know that city parks will continue to thrive when all New Yorkers get involved.

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