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Our gardens fosters a love of science and nature among kids who are living in some of New York City’s under resourced communities. Learning Gardens provides hands-on lessons for elementary and middle school kids during the school year, and group programs during the summer, teaching kids the fun of community gardening, growing food, understanding biodiversity of our urban environment and more.

Learning Gardens Summer Groups Program

5th – 8th Grades
July – August
Low Cost

The Learning Gardens Summer Groups Program is a Science-based experiential program that offers youth the opportunities to understand the importance of urban gardens through hands-on lessons in garden maintenance, games, and fun science-based activities. Students practice horticultural techniques and learn concepts related to community gardening, growing food and healthy eating. Groups of up to 25 students are invited to register for this 3- or 5-week program.

For more information on Learning Gardens Summer Group program or to become a partner, please contact Katina Leier at kleier@cityparksfoundation.org or Stephanie Sullivan at ssullivan@cityparksfoundation.org.


Learning Gardens High School Training Program

Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors
February – June

The Learning Gardens Training Program engages high school students in five months of garden based learning, exploring topics including organic gardening, food justice, and urban sustainability. Students develop leadership skills and earn high school credit after completing 60 hours of instruction, with the opportunity to participate in a paid summer internship with City Parks Foundation.

For more information on the Learning Gardens High School Program or to inquire about becoming a school partner, contact kleier@cityparksfoundation.org.


Learning Gardens School Program

2nd-8th Grades
October – June (School partners can select from a full program of 14 lessons or an abbreviated program of 7 lessons)
Low Cost

The Learning Gardens Program is a science-based experiential program that offers youth the opportunity to understand the importance of urban gardens through hands-on lessons in garden maintenance, games and fun science-based activities. In one of our Learning Gardens, students practice horticultural techniques and prepare garden vegetables while learning concepts related to urban biodiversity, food justice and healthy eating. In the classroom, activities are designed to meet the needs of diverse learning styles and abilities in every lesson. Through the stimulating strategies of exploration and real work, we are committed to helping teachers and students meet academic objectives, mandated science curricula and the New York State Science Learning Standards.

For more information on Learning Gardens school program or to become a partner, please contact Stephanie Sullivan at ssullivan@cityparksfoundation.org.

Become a School Partner

Learning Gardens Locations

Grove Hill Learning Garden
158th Street and Eagle Avenue in Morrisania, Bronx

Abib Newborn Learning Garden
495 Osborn Street in Brownsville, Brooklyn

ENY Success Gardens
449-446 Williams Avenue in East New York, Brooklyn

Liberty Learning Garden
173rd Street and 106th Avenue in South Jamaica, Queens

Generous private support for CityParks Learning Gardens is provided by The Carroll and Milton Petrie Foundation, ExpandED Schools through funds administered by the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development in Partnership with the City Council, Glenn W. Bailey Foundation, The Linda B. and Howard S. Stern Family Foundation, the Lily Auchincloss Foundation, Rose M. Badgeley Charitable Trust, the Michael Tuch Foundation, and the Jane and Frances Stein Foundation. Public support is provided by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets and the NYC Council under the leadership of Speaker Adrienne Adams, with special thanks to Council Member Farah Louis, Council Member Julie Menin, Council Member Chi Ossé, Council Member Lynn Schulman, and Council Member Nantasha Williams. Supporting Sponsor Ernst & Young. In partnership with NYC Parks.

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Solar Panels at our Learning Gardens

Our four learning gardens are becoming even greener in 2022 thanks to our partners Green Mountain Energy Sun Club. The new, off-grid solar installations and battery storage will expand and diversify existing environmental programming and education offerings to include food preparation demonstrations and additional capacity in garden maintenance and food crop production making it possible to provide beautiful open green spaces and more free fresh food to local community members. Additionally, 3 new electric vehicles provided by the Sun Club will further reduce our carbon footprint, providing clean transportation to our program teams.

For updates on our free youth
environmental education programs in your local park

For updates on our free youth environmental education programs in your local park



At City Parks Foundation, our mission is to encourage New Yorkers to use their neighborhood parks by offering free environmental education, arts, sports, and community-building programs that bring people into their local green spaces. Please give now if you can—we know that city parks will continue to thrive when all New Yorkers get involved.

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