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PfP Group Development Coaching Final Reflection


As a final step in the Group Development Coaching Program, we ask all coaching participants to reflect on their experience in the program, including successes achieved and challenges met. Each group is asked to submit one reflection per group. Please answer each question in the space provided. The answers should represent the whole group’s experience. We encourage you to discuss the questions together before submitting your answers. This reflection is not meant to “score” your progress but rather to give you a space to critically reflect on what steps you’ve taken and how you’d like to move forward in your work.

Your answers will be shared with the Group Development Specialist and your Outreach Coordinator. There will be time during the last coaching session for a discussion of your reflection.

For any questions, please contact: or 212-602-5343. 

group info

the questions

Keeping your complete answer to Question 1 in mind, please answer the following questions:

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