PfP Crowdfunding Challenge Application


The Partnerships for Parks Crowdfunding Challenge provides up to $2,500 in matching funds to approved community projects that are hosted through an ioby crowdfunding campaign. Projects benefiting an NYC green space—including parks, community gardens, street trees, and green streets are eligible to have their ioby crowdfunding campaign matched. If approved, Partnerships for Parks contributes one dollar for every dollar raised -- up to $2,500! 

ioby  (aka in our backyards) is a crowdfunding platform that gives local leaders the ability to crowdfund the resources they need to build real, lasting change from the ground up. ioby’s crowdfunding platform helps connect local leaders with support and funding from their communities. 

You must participate in an ioby crowdfunding campaign to participate in the Partnerships for Parks Crowdfunding Challenge. 


Please review eligibility requirements before starting the application.

In order to be eligible for the Partnerships for Parks Crowdfunding Challenge, projects must: 

  • Provide a public benefit or physical improvement to an NYC park, playground, community garden, street tree, or green street; anywhere in the five boroughs.

  • Not be aimed at making private profit for a specific individual, family, or business entity. 

  • Engage or be led by the residents of the neighborhood where the green space is located.

  • Be feasible, legal, and likely to be implemented within six months of when the campaign closes. Projects that require NYC Parks approval should have that approval before fundraising begins.

  • Be specific and concrete. We will not consider requests for general operating support. Please note that all ioby crowdfunding campaigns must include a detailed budget outlining how funds will be spent.
Eligible expenses:
Eligible expenses include costs required to implement a specific project, including, but not limited to:
  • Food and other event costs
  • Event permit fees 
  • Volunteer rewards such as T-shirts
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Materials and equipment
  • Educator, performer, or intern stipends 
  • Staff payment, pro-rated for the time spent on the project
  • Travel and transportation
  • Software and hardware
  • Contracted services
  • Consultant fees
Examples of eligible projects:
  • Small-scale physical improvements to green spaces (as permitted by NYC Parks or the appropriate authority) such as new plantings and guards for street trees; new stages, shade structures, sheds, benches, raised beds, murals, etc. in community gardens; repainting of fences, new signage, plantings, etc. in a park space.
  • Events and programs occurring in parks and community gardens, such as cleanup and planting days, community festivals, educational workshops and training programs, arts performances, fitness events, etc. 
  • Purchases of equipment or materials that would facilitate the ongoing work of the community group, such as purchasing tables for garden cooking classes or purchasing tents for rain or shine outdoor events.
Examples of ineligible projects include:
  • Fundraising solely for overhead costs such as staff pay, rent, utilities, or liability insurance; without a planned public program or specific project.
  • Major capital construction projects.
  • Fundraising to cover the cost of producing other fundraising events or to purchase materials that will be sold for profit.
  • Fundraising for an event that will not be open to the general public or does not happen in a park, community garden, or other green space.
  • Application review and ioby crowdfunding campaign setup typically take at least one month. Therefore, we recommend that you apply to the Partnerships for Parks Crowdfunding Challenge at least one month prior to launching your crowdfunding campaign.
For any questions regarding the guidelines, application, or issues with submitting your idea contact: or call 212-602-5349. 

Step 1: Contact Information

Please use state abbreviation.

Step 2: Collaboration With Partnerships for Parks (PfP) and ioby

250 words or less

Step 3: Group Information

(1) For example: the County Health Ranking & Roadmaps Report ranks health outcomes in all 62 of New York States Counties. Bronx County ranked last in their 2015 report sparking the #Not62 Campaign. Our group is bringing safe and accessible fitness options to our local park to help change that. (2) For example: our group is particularly interested in getting kids in Bronx County ages 12-18 engaged in health and wellness activities.
Step 4: Tell us about your project idea

Please type the name of they park/garden - if your property does not auto-populate, submit as written.  

Step 5: Fundraising Goal

Step 6: Timeline

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