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25 Years of Caring for Parks

Since 1995, Partnerships for Parks has been working side-by-side with communities across New York City to sustain parks through greening, beautifying, and programming. Share photos of your own work in local parks and green spaces on social media with us using the hashtag #wearepfp.


In the wake of the fiscal crisis of the 70’s, New York City green spaces were struggling. Severe budget cuts to city services hit parks particularly hard, and they became neglected and dangerous. Community park groups formed to reclaim these local parks and transform them into thriving community spaces. In 1995, Partnerships for Parks was founded to support these groups and grow this movement. Today, we support almost 600 groups working across the city. We offer grants and training, tools and supplies, and staff support to ensure communities can do the essential work of caring for New York City’s precious green spaces.

25th Anniversary EXHIBITION

It's Our Park: 25 Years of Communities in Action

This collection of images and stories sourced directly from New York City community leaders, the PfP staff who work with them, and the NYC Parks’ archives; celebrates PfP’s community partners, telling their stories through their eyes and showing the transformation possible when people come together in their neighborhood parks to effect change.

View the exhibition here.


We kicked off our 25th anniversary year with a special It’s My Park Awards Reception. We honored both longstanding and newly formed community groups who embody the mission and vision of PfP by working collaboratively to transform their parks into thriving community spaces.

Check out the winners here.



At City Parks Foundation, our mission is to encourage New Yorkers to use their neighborhood parks by offering free environmental education, arts, sports, and community-building programs that bring people into their local green spaces. Please give now if you can—we know that city parks will continue to thrive when all New Yorkers get involved.

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