Group Volunteer Request for Youth


Youth Volunteer Groups and Partnerships for Parks

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for NYC Parks. We focus our efforts on matching volunteer groups to high need parks across the city. We will consider requests for specific sites on a case by case basis.

This request form is intended for individuals or organizations who are interested in connecting their group of 20-30 individuals, (the majority of whom are under the age of 18), to hands-on, volunteer service opportunities in priority park sites across New York City. Groups over 30 may be split into shifts. If your group is smaller in size, please take a look at our online listings to join a project.


Group size
We are able to accommodate groups of 20 to 30 youth with adult chaperones. Groups larger than 30 youth may be split into shifts. Smaller sized groups will be encouraged to volunteer during public volunteer days.

Projects can be scheduled 7 days a week, between 9am-3pm, for 2 hours.

3-6 weeks is required for most projects.  

All youth groups must be supervised by responsible adult chaperones (we require a 1:5 adult to youth ratio). In order to make our volunteer projects productive and enjoyable, we require all volunteers, including adult chaperones and teachers, to actively participate in the project. We ask that you pre-assign group leaders. 

Projects involve park beautification activities, which might include one or more of the following: litter pick-up and other debris removal, mulching, raking, or weeding. Planting and painting projects are sometimes available, and usually require a supply budget. Painting projects are appropriate for youth ages 14 and above.

PfP is able to provide gloves, garbage bags, and reusable supplies, such as rakes, grabbers, and wheelbarrows for all projects. Painting and planting projects usually require a donation.


All participants (or their adult guardians) are required to sign our volunteer and photo release waivers.

Cancellation policy
We require at least a 24 hour notice; With adequate notice, we can inform all involved staff and reallocate supplies accordingly. Failure to notify us within this time frame may impact your ability to plan future projects with PfP.
Contact Information

Please estimate the breakdown of participants' ages. 
*Remember, for individuals under 18, we require a 1:5 adult to child ratio. 

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