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Community Coaching Intake Form

Thank you for your interest in community coaching!

Our coaching program is a form of one-on-one tailored support provided by Partnerships for Parks (PfP) to our community partner groups. 

Coaching is a limited service. Interested groups must first be recommended by their outreach coordinator (OC), and then complete an intake form and 15-minute phone discussion. Groups not selected for coaching immediately will have the option to be added to a waitlist and may receive coaching at a later date. If you have not spoken to your OC about coaching, please check with them prior to completing this form.

Please complete this short form to begin the process of working with the coaching program.

If you have any questions or would like a downloadable copy of this form, please contact Laura Veno at

Step 1: about your group

100 words or less.
Step 2: group members
Please include contact information for 1-2 group members who will participate in the coaching process. Please designate the primary contact person.

Step 3: coaching needs

In which of the following areas would you like to receive support?

You can choose up to two areas only:
  • Goal setting & measuring success: Assistance with establishing short-, mid-, and long-term goals. This may include help with data collection, recording, and evaluation.
  • Group structure: Assistance with establishing a group vision, mission, and internal processes, such as choosing leadership and decision making.
  • Volunteer recruitment & management: Assistance with recruiting and managing episodic volunteers for park groups, i.e. events.
  • Non-profit incorporation and 501(c)(3) status: Guidance on the advantages & disadvantages of incorporation & 501(c)(3) status & assistance with creating the supplemental materials needed for these processes. PfP cannot provide legal advice but can connect groups to other resources if they choose to proceed with incorporation.
  • Event planning: Assistance with planning & designing activities and events to involve the community, new members, and create a visible, active group. These should be events beyond IMP & Community Visioning events.
  • Fundraising: Assistance with establishing fundraising goals, plans, and finding funding sources.
  • Communications planning: Assistance with establishing a strategy for sharing your group’s work internally and externally, including weighing communications options, creating a schedule, building distribution lists, and increasing group publicity.
  • Relationship building and outreach: Assistance with approaching key community organizations, agencies (including NYC Parks and community boards), assessing potential partners, coming up with your "ask," and building mutually beneficial partnerships.

You can list a specific goal, such as increasing your membership or holding more events, or list a challenge or issue you have been facing that you would like to overcome.
Step 4: coaching availability

Please select your group's availability for coaching during the week.
Mornings (8-12) Afternoons (12-5) Evenings (5-8)
Step 5: next steps
All groups requesting coaching will be asked to participate in a 15-minute phone discussion regarding this completed form and intended goals.

Please indicate below which times you are available for this discussion:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

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