Partnerships Academy

Are you looking for training and support? Want to meet, network, and learn with a dynamic group of dedicated park community groups? Partnerships Academy offers unique and exciting opportunities for you!

Partnerships Academy is a training program that supports community-based park groups and individual volunteers to achieve success.

The deadlines to apply for the Partnerships Academy Fellowship 2014 have passed. Accepted participants will be notified by March 12, 2014, accepted mentors will be notified by March 17, 2014.

To find out more about Partnerships Academy, please contact Leah Worrell at (212) 676-6054, or

Partnerships Academy Fellowship is geared towards community groups who are committed to getting to the next level of their development as a group or with a specific project. Fellowship participants work with Partnerships for Parks to create a timeline for their initiative, and get support to achieve it through coaching and peer support. Our in-person sessions will help you define your goals, develop an action plan, monitor your progress, and evaluate your work.

Partnerships Academy Workshops are free and open for registration to community groups that support NYC Parks, street trees, and other green spaces. Regular workshops featuring expert guest speakers are tailored to fit the unique needs of park volunteers. Topics include time management, branding, working with NYC Parks and elected officials, networking, and event planning. If you have limited time, and a desire to enhance your skills and network with other community group leaders, Partnerships Academy Workshops are for you.

Register for the July Partnerships Academy Workshop
Publication Launch Event: How Can I Improve My Park?

Thursday, July 24, 2014, 6:30pm-8:30pm
At The Arsenal in Central Park

Register online today! This event will fill up!

Attend this launch event to be among the first to receive a newly illustrated step-by-step guide to getting involved in your park. The event features a panel discussion on the topic, “How can citizens partner with government to improve our parks?”


  • First Deputy Commissioner Liam Kavanagh, NYC Parks

  • Councilmember Mark Levine, Chair of the Committee on Parks and Recreation, The New York City Council

  • Fay D. Hill, Friends of Springfield Park, Queens

  • Brad Taylor, Friends of Morningside Park, Manhattan

Other scheduled attendees include Director of Partnerships for Parks Sabina Saragoussi, Executive Director of New Yorkers for Parks Tupper Thomas, and President of City Parks Foundation, Alison Tocci.

How Can I Improve My Park? is part of the Center for Urban Pedagogy’s Making Policy Public program. This publication is a collaboration of The Center for Urban Pedagogy, New Yorkers for Parks, Partnerships for Parks, designer Elana Schlenker and illustrator Leslie Wood.

Partnerships Academy is a training program of Partnerships for Parks that supports community-based park groups and individual volunteers to achieve success.  Partnerships for Parks is a joint program of NYC Parks and the City Parks Foundation that helps New Yorkers work together to make neighborhood parks thrive.

Questions about the Partnerships Academy? Please contact Leah Worrell at (212) 676-6054 or

Previous workshops, 2012 and 2013, held at the Arsenal Building in Central Park, Manhattan

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Partnerships Academy is a training program for leaders of community park groups which support NYC Parks and green spaces.

To find out more about Partnerships Academy, please contact Leah Worrell at (212) 676-6054, or