IMP Restart Application: Phase Two

*Please note: This application is intended for individuals or organizations who are currently working with a Partnerships for Parks (PfP) outreach coordinator or Catalyst organizer and wish to plan and lead a volunteer service project in their local park.
Project Guidelines and Updates

IMP TD LogoThank you for your interest in volunteering in our parks during these challenging times. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are urging all volunteers and staff to take extra precautions when working in parks, detailed in our It's My Park volunteer guidelines, including:

  • We ask you to limit your volunteer project to 10 participants so everyone can properly social distance, unless circumstances allow for larger group sizes.
  • We are also asking you to focus your efforts on general clean-up, weeding, and leaf raking, which are of greatest priority. We are only able to approve planting and mulching projects on a case by case basis at this time.
  • To help you volunteer safely, we will provide ONE tool kit per group, while supplies last, that you can keep and use long term. You can request one in this application.
Once you fill out and submit your IMP application, your outreach coordinator/Catalyst organizer will be in touch with you within a few days to review your project(s) and let you know next steps on getting back out into the park! We are looking forward to working with you and ensuring your enjoyment and safety as you volunteer. 

Please Note: Each IMP application is a project proposal; it is subject to approval and project details may need to be altered. Please wait until confirmation from a PfP staff member before finalizing project day plans. All projects are subject to a change in approval due to unforeseen and extenuating circumstances.

Help - Have questions? Please call your local PfP outreach coordinator or Catalyst organizer.

Great, let's get started:

Project Leader Information: tell us about you

Project Proposal: tell us more about your proposed activities
Please note: we ask you to consider focusing your efforts on the highest priority projects at your park that can be completed using the supplies in the tool kit, such as general clean-up, weeding, and leaf raking. At this time, mulching and planting will be approved on a case by case basis and are dependent on park needs, and accessibility of materials and supplies.

**project proposals are subject to approval**

Project Information: tell us about your project
If your park does not show up, please submit as you typed it.
Project Date: List your preferred date for your project. 

Please note: We currently offer a four week window to propose projects. You may select dates between two and six weeks from the day you submit your application. If you are planning recurring projects within the four week window that are identical in nature (for example, each project occurs at the same location within a park, at the same time, with the same estimated number of volunteers, and is the same task), you may propose multiple dates. Please discuss the option of proposing multiple dates with your PfP outreach coordinator or Catalyst organizer prior to submission. If this is your first IMP application, we request that you only propose one date.

For example: 8:00 AM

How long will your project last?

Please be specific.

Recurring dates should be similar in nature -- each project occurs at the same location within a park, at the same time, with the same estimated number of volunteers, and is the same task. 

Must be no more than six weeks from today.
**make sure to limit your group size to 10 or less
NOTE: projects for groups larger than 10 will be approved on a case by case basis and are dependent on park size and accessibility of supplies.

Project Supply Request: tell us about your supplies
We are able to provide approved community groups with one tool kit, which includes PPE (reusable masks and hand sanitizer) and project tools that you can distribute to your volunteer group members and use long term. Please note: we can only provide ONE tool kit per community group and will distribute distribute while supplies last.
If unsure, your outreach coordinator/Catalyst organizer will contact you to discuss further.
Project Orientation: attend a virtual orienation

In order to receive your tool kit and be approved to restart volunteering in your local park you will need to attend one online orientation session using Zoom. Please select the orientation time and date that works best for you. (If we do not have scheduled dates listed, our staff will work with you to get you the orientation information.)