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Award Criteria

Please complete the following form to nominate yourself or a peer for the It’s My Park Awards: Bright Future Award.  In selecting award recipients, consideration will be given to the nominee’s accomplishments in 2019 and the merit of the nomination.

Award description:

  • Bright Future Awardpresented to newly formed community groups who have led their first It’s My Park project, achieved crucial developmental milestones, and whose swift and successful growth acts as an inspiration to others


Requirements for nominees include:

  • Leading their first It’s My Park service project, with support from Partnerships for Parks, in October 2018 or later
  • Demonstrating achievement in one or more of the following areas:
    • Group Development – demonstrated growth in organizational leadership, composition, structure, or sustainability
    • Leveraged Resources – secured funding or in-kind support for park space or programs
    • Programming – launched or expanded free programming and events  
    • Physical Improvements – contributed to the physical transformation and beautification of park space
    • Promotion and Communications – improved public awareness of community group’s purpose or activities
    • Collaboration and Partnership – developed effective relationships or co-created programming with local partners, peers, or decision makers 

This award is intended for newly-formed groups who led their very first It’s My Park service project between October 2018 and December 2019. Groups who have led a project prior to October 2018 do not qualify for the Bright Future Award. 

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Thank you for your considering a nomination for the Bright Future Award.  As this award is intended for newly-formed groups, your nomination does not meet the required qualification. 

Please check back for more information and announcements about our upcoming It’s My Park Awards event.

If you have any questions, please reach out to ItsMyPark@cityparksfoundation.org.  


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