2019 CityParks Learn Summer Group Application

Please fill out this application if you have a summer camp group you would like to have participate in this program. If you have an individual student you would like to register, please check out: cityparksfoundation.org/learn for our available programs.

July 8 - August 8, 2019 / Hallet's Cove, Long Island City, Queens

Every week in July, summer camp groups from local community organizations join CPF scientists at the shore for up to 10 low-cost hours of fun-filled science instruction in aquatic ecosystems.  A range of activities from experiments to rowing to fishing enlighten youth about the factors affecting our waterways and the need to protect them. 

July 8 - August 15, 2019 / Multiple Locations

Each week from July 8 - August 15, summer camp groups from local community organizations can join CPF horticulturists and environmental scientists at one of four Learning Gardens for 15 low-cost hours of fun-filled, garden-based science instruction. Youth experience community gardening, growing healthy food and keeping fit.
For more information on Coastal Classroom or Learning Gardens for Summer Camps please contact Joel Lock at (212) 360-2745 or via email at jlock@cityparksfoundation.org. Para más información en español, llame al (212) 360-3332.
Step 1: Program Selection

Step 2: School / Organization Information

Step 3: Contact Information

Step 4: Group Information

ex. 55 students

Please note that our programs are catered towards middle school students.

ex. 3 staff members

Step 5: Scheduling Information

Site: Hallet's Cove, Long Island City.