Track & Field

CityParks Track & Field gives New York City kids the chance to learn the basics of the sport, from hurdles and relay races to long jump, shot put and javelin throw.

The program is open to boys and girls ages 5-16 and runs each summer in July and August.

Actual start dates for lessons at each park vary according to which days of the week lessons are given there.

All participating kids have the opportunity to display the basic skills learned at the end of each season at an organized track meet held at Icahn Stadium, the world class sports complex on Randall’s Island.

Click here for our Summer 2014 Schedule! 

The 2014 Track Meet will take place on August 7th! (Note: The meet is only for participants registered in the program)

*CityParks Track & Field is open to New York City residents only. Registration takes place at each park during program hours.

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