Greening Western Queens

The Greening Western Queens Urban Forestry and Community Stewardship program, established in 2011, has brought hundreds of new trees and community enriching tree care projects to neighborhoods in Astoria, Long Island City, Sunnyside and Woodside.

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The   Greening Western Queens Community Forestry Program, which currently consists of 600  new street trees, 341 new trees planted on publicly accessible private land, and a leading edge bioswale, is a project of City Parks Foundation  through the Partnerships for Parks program, in partnership with NYC Parks Central Forestry Department , New York Restoration Project ,  and Trees New York, and is made possible by the Greening Western Queens Fund of North Star Fund.

Since the Summer of 2011 we have:

Planted 941 new trees on sidewalks and in publicly accessible private space

Trained over 300 people in tree care best practices with Trees New York

Supported over 1200 people at volunteer day events and greening projects


People need trees! Western Queens has fewer trees than many other New York City neighborhoods.  Trees are extremely important to urban neighborhoods as they cool streets and houses on hot summer days and block cold winds in the winter, reducing costs of heating and air conditioning.  Trees are also natural air and water filters, cleaning pollution out of the air we breathe, making neighborhoods healthier, more beautiful places to live.

Trees need People! Become part of the growing number of stewards helping to make Western Queens greener! Trees need people to care for them to survive. They are especially vulnerable within their first 3-5 years of life. Plus, caring for them builds community around important environmental issues. We need tree care stewards in several planting locations in the project area and volunteers who are willing to monitor our tree beds over time.

WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT! Local tree care stewards are out in Western Queens almost every week caring for trees and cleaning and greening up our neighborhoods! For more information contact the GWQ Community Coordinator Bin Feng Zheng at (917) 613-5724 or  Click on the link below to join our Google Group for weekly updates.

Apply for a Grant!

Partnerships for Parks has launched the Grow Your Group Grant to empower community stewards in the project area to extend their tree care and greening initiatives in 2014. The fund will provide grants ranging from $200-$3500.00 to community stewards working within the designated project area.

Click here to download the Grow Your Group Grant Guidelines.

Click here to download the Grow Your Group Grant Application.

Project History

The map of the Greening Western Queens project area is defined by a legal settlement between Con Edison and the community in Western Queens which was impacted adversely during a power outage in the summer of 2006.

In 2011, we conducted an existing tree inventory and mapped 455 blocks in the project area with TreeKIT and 54 local volunteers. Use your cursor to move up to the Queens area of the tree inventory map.