Grants & Resources

Partnerships for Parks offers resources to community groups working in New York City parks to strengthen their outreach, membership, and program-planning capacity through small grants; publications and website production services; trainings; and fiscal sponsorship. Partnerships for Parks also connects park groups to external resources, which help to further the group’s development and knowledge, diversify funding sources, and expand their networks.

Capacity Fund Grants

The Partnerships for Parks Capacity Fund Grant supports community groups dedicated to parks with funding for projects to build their capacity through supporting the group’s self-awareness, ability, and sustainability.

There are three grant cycles per year. 2014 deadlines are February 1, June 1, and October 1. Applications must be received by 6pm.

Design Support for Publications and Websites 

Publication and website design support is another capacity-building resource offered to community park groups by Partnerships for Parks.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and will be evaluated in the order they are received.

Other Resources for Park Groups

Park groups can access other resources, trainings, and upcoming and ongoing funding opportunities outside of Partnerships for Parks as they grow and seek to diversify their funding sources and to build their capacity.

For more information, contact Kathryn Trainor at or 212-676-1929.