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As the Coastal Classroom Summer Institute wrapped up, the students recounted their favorite experiences of the progra
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In Coastal Classroom teens can “get their feet wet” in some of New York’s coastal hot spots while studying New York City’s dynamic aquatic ecosystem.
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It's the last day of City Parks Foundation’s Green Girls Summer Institute, and we are all sad to bring the summer to an end! Our 25 Green Girls, early adolescents primarily from western Queens, 3 high school interns and three staff were completing our fifth week together pursuing an in-depth study of forest ecology.
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Montréal Complètement Cirque 2014 was an immersive experience in circus or cirque. The organization put together a group of delegates that they referred to as Autopistes. The Autopistes representatives were from all parts of North America and Europe. We were assembled together for several days of seminars, meetings, luncheons, dinners, performances and showcases. It seemed to the North Americans, excluding the Canadians, that we needed the Cirque 101 classes, while the Europeans were in a series of intermediate classes.
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Green Girls is an innovative program that inspires early adolescents to excel as scientists, media artists and stewards of New York City’s precious natural resources.
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On Tuesday, July 29th, City Parks Foundation hosted its annual golf tournament at the American Golf-operated Dyker Beach Golf Course in Brooklyn, NY. The event brought together guests from New York’s business and philanthropic communities alongside Cristie Kerr, LGPA champion and US Women’s Open winner to benefit CityParks Golf .
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For the past two weeks, I have given the students in CPF’s Youth Made Media program a crash course in the creation of news packages.
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Our last trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden was refreshing, but this time we headed off to Queens Liberty Garden to do some serious clean up. There was a lot of weeding that needed to be done and we enlisted the assistance of all of the Brooklyn and Bronx interns.
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With summer in full swing, New York City’s parks are full of life! We at City Parks Foundation are so excited to see children, adults, and pets alike getting moving and enjoying the fresh air.
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Entering the garden wasn't quite exciting as one would assume. The entrance was a tall metal gate structure that gave no justice to the beauty ahead. After greeting my instructors I was told there was a scavenger hunt taking place. A map was given to me immediately, along with my instructions and what to keep an eye for throughout the Botanic Garden.
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