City Parks Foundation offers a traveling puppet show, CityParksPuppetMobile, the oldest continually operating company of its kind in the country, which presents free performances and puppet-making workshops in neighborhood parks, recreation centers and schools throughout New York City.

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CityParks PuppetMobile, one of the only traveling puppet theaters in the country, brings Swedish Cottage productions and puppet making workshops to all corners of the city, free of charge.

Traveling the five boroughs in a PuppetMobile equipped with a stage and staff of professional puppeteers, we bring entertainment to 50,000 children and families each year.

Performances are held in parks, playgrounds and recreation centers. Puppet making workshops are offered where children learn about the art of puppetry and create their own puppets.

Each year our puppeteers conduct artist residencies in Parks Department recreation centers, providing a unique arts-in-education experience to children in grades K - 4.

Residencies include professional marionette performances by our puppeteers, as well as daily workshops and comprehensive 10-12 session workshops where puppeteers teach and have direct contact with the children.

Each summer and fall, the PuppetMobileĀ presents shows in outdoor public spaces. In our current production of "Little Red's Hood", Little Red is a smart, young city slicker who is too focused on her smartphone to notice her surroundings. Wulfric is a misunderstood wolf with a sweet tooth. When Little Red travels from New York City to the country to deliver some cupcakes to her Grandma, she encounters a colorful cast of characters as Wulfric the Wolf tries to head her off at the pass. Catch this show, created specifically for the PuppetMobile at parks throughout NYC.
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